Why this network?

We live in times of huge transformation and increased complexity, in a situation of climate change, globalization, technological development, social disruptions, increasing migration, and much more. This is overwhelming to most of us. Cherished European values such as freedom, equality, tolerance, and autonomy are under threat. History has shown that big transformations can lead to fears and a search for simple solutions, maybe even violence, revolutions and war.

Instead, people throughout our European society should be empowered to cope with complexity and transformation. Together, we should bring out the best in the human spirit.

The way to better understand and handle the opportunities and challenges of increasingly complex societies is Bildung, defined as deliberate education, enculturation, general life-experience, and moral and emotional development. Bildung is about taking responsibility, developing social skills, knowing your cultural heritage, and jointly creating a common vision for our future as European citizens. This better Bildung can best be achieved together across Europe, while still cherishing and doing justice to the different local cultural roots and circumstances on the continent.

The European Bildung Network provides a platform for citizens and organizations to actively promote Bildung and empower Europeans to create the best version of Europe for everyone. We nurture open conversation and take concrete actions on Bildung. We strengthen, facilitate and connect conversations about Bildung across all layers of society, and we want to involve the sectors of commerce, production, technology, science, ethics, religion, art, and politics as well as education. We share knowledge and make visible best practices, initiatives and activities across Europe.

To mark and celebrate both Bildung and Europe, the European Bildung Network hosts the European Bildung Day on Europe Day, May 9th every year.

You may join the network here.

You can sign up for European Bildung Day 2020 (online) here.