Online Fireside Chats

The fireside chat at the European Bildung Day in May was a huge success, and we decided to host three more:

  • October 29th: What kind of bildung do we need to save the planet?
  • November 12th: What kind of bildung do we need to handle exponential technologies?
  • November 26th: Bildung and democracy in Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans
    • Galina Veramejchyk, country director of DVV International adult education (Belarus)
    • Mihail Krikunov, dean at the Kiev Business School and mentor for the Scandinavian Folk-Bildung Ukraine project group (Ukraine)
    • Nikola Jurisic, is Serbian and promotes bildung in the Balkans (currently lives and works in Dubai).

Each fireside chat is 20:00-21:30 CET, our host will be Lene Rachel Andersen, and since we are European and it is a Thursday evening, you are most welcome to bring a glass of wine or beer and your favourite snack.

For each event there will be 50 tickets available for our members. These give access to the zoom room, to writing questions and comments in the live chat and to “hanging out at the Zoom Bar” after the fireside chat itself. It is a Thursday evening, and you deserve a continental evening in good company.

The official fireside chat will be 20:00-21:30 CET (you need to sign in no later than 19:55); the “Zoom Bar” will be open until 22:00.

The official part of the fireside chat will be live streamed; to watch the live streaming without a ticket or to share it with your friends, please go to our Facebook page: