Fireside Chat: Bildung and democracy in Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans

Date(s) - 26/11/2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

What is going on in Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans? What is the status of bildung and democratic development throughout these societies? What kind of bildung is needed and what can the rest of Europe do to help promote democracy and bildung?

Our three guests for this very important conversation are all members of the European Bildung Network:

  • Galina Veramejchyk is the country Director of DVV International (Institute for international Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association) in the Republic of Belarus and a board member of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).
  • Mihail Krikunov, Dean at Kiev Business School, and Chairman of the Board of CLUST-ua, the first cluster development agency in Ukraine. Recently, Mihail has become a national mentor for the Scandinavian Folk-Bildung Ukraine project group. He also loves philosophy, the arts and jazz.
  • Nikola Jurisic is Serbian and promotes bildung in the Balkans, In his professional life he is a senior expert in cultural transformation at scale at McKinsey. He leads McKinsey’s Culture & Change work in the 90 countries in EEMA, focusing on building values driven systems.

Our host this evening will be Lene Rachel Andersen, member of the Club of Rome, author of several books about the history and the future of civilization, among them Bildung: Keep Growing and The Nordic Secret (with Tomas Björkman). Lene is also one of the founders of the Europea Bildung Network and the think tank Nordic Bildung.

To keep an eye on the questions and comments in the written chat, we have Esli Verheggen from De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam.

The fireside chat will be an informal conversation, and you are most welcome to bring a glass of wine or your favourite beer and just enjoy an evening in excellent company!

There will be 50 tickets available for our members, which give access to the zoom room, to writing questions and comments in the live chat and to “hanging out at the Zoom Bar” after the fireside chat itself. It is a Thursday evening, and you deserve a continental evening in good company.

The official fireside chat will be 20:00-21:30 CET (you need to sign in no later than 19:55); the “Zoom Bar” will be open until 22:00.

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