Erasmus+ Bildung Project

Adult learning and education organizations in 11 European countries are now focusing on bringing bildung into their programs as part of a 3-year Erasmus+ project:

With our project, we want to contribute to a more holistic view of ALE in Europe. We want to provide civil society-led research on the relevance of Bildung to current ALE provision. For this, we want to explore four critical themes, namely democracy, sustainability, digitisation and basic skills, as well as provide a political and practical roadmap for the implementation of Bildung in ALE in Europe. We understand, Bildung as holistic, learner-centred learning that is not only transmitting skills and knowledge but is, first and foremost, an empowering approach that enables people and communities.

Among other things, it is interesting that bildung will be deliberately introduced in connection to democracy, sustainability, digitization and basic skills. The organization hosting and leading the project is the EAEA:

As part of the project, Nordic Bildung has provided a 5-page introduction to bildung that makes it tangible for educators so that they can start developing programs and content. The English text has now been translated into 8 more European languages:

– and more are on their way…

We have published the full text in English here:



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