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"World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it."

– Robert Schuman, May 9th 1950

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This website, europeanbildung.net, will close down on May 16th.

If you would like to join (or remain in) the European Bildung Network,
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Bildung is the combination of the education and knowledge necessary to thrive in your society, and the moral and emotional maturity to both be a team player and have personal autonomy. Bildung is also knowing your roots and being able to imagine the future.

Better Bildung, Better Europe

We live in times of great changes, which creates insecurity and an urgent need for upgrading our understanding of the world and our civic skills.

Read our definition of Bildung

European Bildung Network

The European Bildung Network provides a platform for citizens and organizations to actively promote Bildung and empower Europeans to imagine and create the best version of Europe for everyone.

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Better Bildung, Better Future

Our Global Bildung Manifesto, which calls for a future of bildung for all of humanity and a global Renaissance 2.0, was finalized and signed by participants at the European Bildung Day on May 9th, 2021.

Read the Global Bildung Manifesto–and please sign and share it.

European Bildung Day 2022 May 8 and 9

Live in Copenhagen - pre-conference May 6 and 7

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Lene Rachel Andersen
The global transition and metamodernity
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Caronlina Magdalene Maier
Bildung and democracy
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Ginie Servant-Miklos
Bildung and general education
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Kim Escherich
Bildung and technology
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Anders Bodin
Bildung and sustainability
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Fireside Chat:

What kind of bildung do we need to save the planet?

Meet Sandrine Dixson-Declève (BE), co-president of the Club of Rome, Minna Salami (UK), award-winning blogger, and Klaas van Egmond (NL), professor of geoscience in a conversation with Lene Rachel Andersen (DK) about the bildung we need to save the planet.

Fireside Chat:

What kind of bildung do we need to handle exponential technologies?

Meet Pernille Tranberg (DK) DataEthics.eu, Anders Wijkman (SE) former MEP, and Azeem Azhar (UK) exponentialreview.co, in a conversation with Lene Rachel Andersen (DK) about the bildung we need to handle our own inventions.

Fireside Chat:

Bildung and democracy in Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans

Meet DVV adult education director Galina Veramejchyk from Belarus, Dean of the Kyiv Business School Mihail Krikunov from Ukraine, and McKinsey consultant Nikola Jurisic from Serbia, in a conversation with Lene Rachel Andersen (DK).

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